2014 Resolutions

1. Read 5 books.
I know that’s a shockingly low number for so many people. But really, I don’t care about reading anymore. And it makes me tired. But I don’t want to become a complete idiot, so I think I need to read a little.

2. Learn to love my house.
Paint things, organize things, replace things. I don’t know. But I want to like my home.

3. Keep embroidering.
I taught myself to embroider during the last months of pregnancy because it was something I could do while parked in my recliner and it made me happy. I want to keep doing it.

4. Drink more water.
I drank a ton of water while pregnant and I could always notice a difference when I didn’t. I’m not very good at drinking water otherwise. I’m going to work on that.

5. Learn to like tea.
We’re not talking about sweet southern iced tea here… I mean hot tea. I want to like it and I know it’s good for you, but is just think it tastes like liquid potpourri. Over the years I have learned to like beer, wine, and coffee. I think I can do this too.раскруткасайтаseo раскрутка

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I had a baby last Monday. It was November 18, the day after my 29th birthday.

Sweet little Hagen came at 38 weeks on his own. He weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds 11 ounces. The epidural didn’t take.

I will write out the birth story shortly. I really don’t want to forget anything and I have loved being able to go back and read Jansen’s.

We are both doing well… Though I think he is doing better. All he does is sleep and eat, I have this darn healing thing to worry about.


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More Pregnant Than I Have Ever Been

I’m giving the wordpress app a shot. I got a new iPad mini and it seems easier to tap out a post on here than to open a laptop and do it there. We will see how this goes. If it works, I may actually blog with semi consistency again. Let’s not hold our breath, okay?!

Well this is officially the longest I have ever been pregnant. I am about 37.5 weeks. At this point in my pregnancy with Jansen, he was almost a day old.

Last week I went to my 36 week appointment and found out I was 3 cm. I wasn’t shocked at all. This pregnancy has felt harder. Heavier, sicker, more exhausting, more painful. So I expected to go to my 37 week appointment and hear that I had made some great progress and was either ready to head to the hospital, or at least close. Nope.

This is what I posted on Facebook.


Current preggos and recent mamas were sympathetic. Others? All about the advice and facts. Come on people.

I am aware that I am “only” 37 weeks and that most people don’t deliver this early. I am aware that babies come when they are ready. I am aware that nobody has just STAYED pregnant forever. But let’s all be aware that I AM 37 weeks pregnant. That Jansen came at this point. That I am more uncomfortable than I have ever been in my life. That I have gained FORTY SIX pounds and a billion stretch marks. I am 37 weeks. Whining is what I do best. Let me whine. Everything hurts. Everything.

So there will be a baby coming soon. Sometime in the next 1-17 days. I was told that she thinks “he is going to be a big baby.” Aside from my massive belly, I’m not sure how she can tell that. But for the record, I agree.продвижениеtopodaracer

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An Update of Sorts

I’m still alive. I never intended to up and leave my blog for months at a time. It’s so weird too, since I went years without missing a day. I just kind of hit a point of exhaustion and something had to give. This seemed like the natural choice. Even my relaxation time in the evenings with Stephen was interrupted when I’d pull out the laptop and type something up. So I slowly quit posting… and thing about that is that once you quit doing something, it gets easier and easier to quit doing it altogether.

Then I just got overwhelmed. I felt like I should post updates since there is so much going on. I felt like I should document my pregnancy. But each day went by and the task seemed bigger and bigger. I’ve had nightmares about how much I regret this gigantic blog hiatus. I really don’t like that the past few months aren’t documented at all.

But let’s not dwell on that. I’m here. I don’t know how often I’ll be writing, but more often than never. And can I just say THANK GOD the laptop saved the admin URL, because I completely forgot how to log in to my blog. So sad.

What’s been going on:

1. I am now 34.5 weeks pregnant. And gigantic. I have gained 37 pounds and it is all in my belly. I don’t have any face or arm swelling like I did with Jansen. Which I suppose is a good thing, but it also sucks because OH THE STRETCH MARKS!

2. Jansen turned 3 in September. We threw him a trains and construction party. It turned out pretty darn cute and I will post pictures at some point so that I have them documented.

3. My girl Molly has been sick. She is about 22 (ish) weeks pregnant and she is dealing with some terrible kidney issues. She has to get IV infusions 3 times a week to keep her potassium and magnesium levels up, and even that doesn’t always work. I worry about her often but she is a rockstar. She found out she is having a little boy, which of course I am thrilled about since I am too.

4. My job is still awesome. It probably always will be.

5. I have had AWFUL acid reflux the past 3-4 weeks. I slept on the recliner for a week or two before finally taking Pepcid to manage it. Why I didn’t do that earlier, I have no idea.

6. I am much MUCH more uncomfortable this pregnancy. Maybe it has something to do with the 37 pounds ALL in my belly. I have contractions every time I stand up, the pressure is so uncomfortable. I just bought a belly band today, really hoping it helps.

7. I have taken up embroidery and cross stitching. I’ve cross stitched before and it’s pretty easy. I’ve never actually used a pattern. I like to either make my own or just freehand it. I’m currently doing one that says “Home is Where the WIFI Connects Automatically.” It’s very mindless and relaxing, and I like that I can create something from start to finish in a few days.

8. My mom has picked up a new hobby of painting furniture with chalk paint. (Not chalkboard paint, no. Chalk paint. Look it up. Look up Anne Sloan Chalk Paint.) She’s really really good at it. She’s been picking out neat pieces at garage sales to paint, though she hasn’t had a chance to do those since she’s busy doing a bunch for herself and all of us who beg. She’s painted a few things for my office!

9. My sister started a blog. She started it secretly at first… since blogging can often be very very scary. But now she has told people. Check her out.

10. Stephen was recently given a position at his company at a different branch. This is HUGE for us. His commute is going to go from about an hour and 15 minutes, to about 20 minutes. We will save so much on gas and tolls. But the biggest blessing is that he will be home earlier!!!! I’m so excited!! He hasn’t made the switch yet but it is coming soon.

I think that’s enough for now. I wouldn’t want my blog to break from word overload. Thanks to those of you who checked up on me.aracer.mobiраскруткараскрутка сайта

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Another Magical Harry Potter Party

Last year my friend Alison hosted a Harry Potter party for fun. There was no particular reason she threw it, just to have magical fun with other Potter lovers. She did an incredible job and it was a great time. We decided that at some point, there had to be a repeat. Sadly, Alison and her husband will be moving next month, so we knew the next Potter Party had to be soon.

She gathered recipes from her Harry Potter cookbook and popular articles online and came up with a fabulous spread. I contributed Gillyweed since I have wanted to try those jello worms that are on Pinterest.

Check this out!

Amazing huh? And the pictures don’t even tell you how delicious everything was! Feel free to pin or copy. You should totally throw your own party, there is no need for an occasion! We just got together and chose a HP movie to watch together while pigging out. It was a blast! I’m jealous of myself, I want to do it again.продвижениераскруткаaracer.mobi

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The Scarf Winner and Other Bits

Congrats to #10, Krista, who won the scarf. Thanks to all who entered and especially those who clicked over to learn more about the organization.

We are sick. Again. This time is it a cold… in the heat of summer. Mucus, sore throats, coughs, and so so much snot. Jansen has had a fever off and on for several days, Stephen and I just feel terrible. I feel like we can’t catch a break. We have a healthy week or two and then one of us gets the nasties.

We have have plans for the 4th though. We have family coming to town, so I’m really looking forward to that and hoping we are all back to somewhat normal by then.

On Sunday, my friend Alison is throwing another Harry Potter party. I can’t wait! I will be sure to take pictures. I’m just sad that you won’t be able to taste her delicious cooking.

Stephen felt baby boy move the other night. I have felt him for a couple of weeks but I didn’t really think it was a strong enough movement to feel from the outside. But as we were laying in bed the other night, he was especially wiggly so I had Stephen feel and be patient. He felt the little roll kicks.

I’m very tired these days. I mean, I have been very tired for several months now, but being sick makes it worst. Unfortunately when you have this kind of sick, sleep doesn’t come easy. Laying down means a clogged head and difficulty breathing. Not to mention my poor munchkin yelling over the monitor after a cough fit or bad dream. So yes, I need sleep. GOOD sleep. I don’t anticipate that coming right now, but I’m going to give it a shot.раскруткаaracer.mobiпродвижение

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Trades of Hope Scarf Giveaway

My friend Stephanie recently emailed me about doing a giveaway on my blog for this gorgeous scarf. Here’s the thing. I have been neglecting my blog lately and I’m nervous I’m not going to do this cause justice. So do me a solid and check it out and tell your buds.


See? Pretty scarf.

Let’s all just pretend it’s not summer right now. You can totally put it in your closet until fall and then it’ll be all new again and you will be so excited.

The special part of this scarf is that it is from a company called Trades of Hope. It’s an amazing company. Check out the description of this Nepali Aqua Scarf: Nepal is one of the poorest countries and women are stolen and sold into the sex trade by the thousands. These artisans are being trained to own their own business. By buying these scarves you are creating a markets that allows these hard working women to be entrepreneurs that can feed their families. Made in Nepal – 70×20 Hand-loomed silk and cotton.

Just leave a comment on the post to enter to win. I’ll pick someone on Tuesday.

If you’re interested in this company, please check out their website. Read a little bit about what they stand for and if you’re interested in becoming a rep, get in touch with them. Or you can let me know and I’ll get you in touch with Stephanie. I don’t know much about being a rep except that kits start at $99 and there are no minimums. You can host parties or people can shop from your website.

Things I likey: This Crimson Bracelet. (Seriously, read the description.) The Flower Bowl. (Though I also love the Hope Bowl and the Love Bowl, so look at those too.) Mayan Clutch. (Love the colors.) Check it out!поисковая реклама сайтаseo интернет маркетингaracer

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A Bit of an Update

This is what has been going on lately.

1. I posted last Thursday that I was having trouble with Jansen pooping in the potty. I picked him up from school that day and his teacher told me he pooped in the potty. So we went out for ice cream to celebrate and I was so excited and then we got home and he pooped in his pants. I was devastated. Since then, he hasn’t had a single accident. As of Sunday he has even been telling me when he needs to go potty. BIG TIME, Y’ALL! He usually wakes up from naps and bedtime completely dry. So I think it is safe to say that my child is potty trained at almost 3 years.

2. I spent some time on Friday making some make-ahead breakfast food. I made some breakfast tacos and some breakfast sandwiches. Both have been tasted and both are great from my early morning starvation.

3. Last season’s Drop Dead Diva is now on Netflix which is so so great. I love that show!

4. I am now a bit over 17 weeks and getting large. The past few nights have had some awful awful sleep. My belly is big enough now that when I turn on my side, it is heavy and uncomfortable. I have felt a few movements at this point but nothing too consistent. It’s usually when I’m laying really still. I love love love that feeling and I can’t wait until he can be felt from the outside so that Stephen and Jansen can feel him. I think Jansen will love it. He likes to hug my belly and say, “Ohhhhh baby!!”

5. The other night at dinner, Jansen looked at me and said, “Mommy, you are old.” Yeah. He said that. “Why am I old, Jansen?” “Because you are old.” Stephen was sitting right there and Jansen didn’t say that he was old. Well that’s not fair! Recently he said, “Mommy you have black hair. Not only gray. Black and gray.”

6. Can someone please just name this child for us?

7. I have a giveaway to post this week. I know, right? I can’t hardly post EVER and someone still wants to do a giveaway here. So show up so you can win.

8. We went to Ikea last week to get Jansen’s big boy bed. Did you know they are discontinuing the Kura bed??? WHY? I feel like we should go ahead and buy another one so that boy #2 has one in 3 years. Would that be crazy?раскруткапродвижение сайта компаниипродвижение

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Freaking Potty Training


We are potty training right now. We aren’t doing some hardcore three day method of boot camp like training. Why? Have you read about those methods? They sound great in theory but who has THREE completely free days to devote to the potty? Not I.

So we have just put him in undies and we take him to the potty every 20-45 minutes (depending on a number of factors) and make him sit until he pees. Then he gets an M&M for peeing and an M&M for washing his hands. He really has done well. In fact, he wakes up with dry diapers in the mornings and at nap time… which is pretty unbelievable because he previously peed so much that his jammies would often be wet. And he hasn’t had an accident in about a week.

The only problem is poop. He WILL NOT poop in the potty. I have no idea what to do. He holds it and holds it and then has an accident in his underwear. We have told him that as soon as he poops on the potty, we will go straight to the ice cream store and he gets his very own ice cream that he doesn’t have to share. He is really excited about that and he keeps talking about it, but still won’t go. Advice? PLEASE!!!что такое seo компанияaracerпродвижение

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Out of the Mouth of Jansen

Last night while waving his flag and singing “God Bless America” with daddy.
“God blessica!!!”

While telling us a story about lunchtime at school.
“And I told her, ‘I eating my lunch, Lauren! You eating your lunch!! We don’t play right now! We eating lunch!!’ That’s what I said. I was freaking out, Mom!!”

After leaving our friends’ house where he played with another little boy. (And after an especially crabby day when I had previously told him the same thing.)
“I told PD, ‘You need to change your attitude!'”

After a VERY long tantrum and finally calming down.
“I freaked out, Mom!”раскрутка сайтараскрутка сайтаaracer.mobi

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