All Sorts of Weirdness

I have no idea why my blog wasn't allowing comments yesterday. All two of you were really frustrated with the error. I don't know technology so I have no clue what happened. It was the first time I have ever posted from my phone, I imagine that had something to do with it. Who knows. WEIRD. Hopefully it works today!

So this past weekend we took a mini roadtrip to Seguin/New Braunfels. We joined three other couples for two days at Schlitterbahn.The trip was a success for several reasons.

1. We had tons of fun.

2. Nobody got sunburned.

3. We ate a lot of cookies.

The trip was not a success for one reason. Our car. Oh my drama.

Friday evening, Stephen and I met up at his parents' house. I came from home with Jansen and Rookie, Stephen came from work. We left Jansen and Rookie with his parents and took our Murano to Seguin, leaving Stephen's car at his parents' house. This is kind of important to the rest of my story. You see, we had planned to get in Sunday night and pick up Jansen, Rookie, and Stephen's car on the way into town.

On Saturday evening, we were heading back to our friends' house from the water park. We were exhausted but in high spirits. Schlitterbahn and Oreos will do that to you. All of a sudden, the AC went out and the brake light and engine light went on. We pulled over but didn't see any issues at first. We don't have the manual to the car since we bought it used and the previous owners didn't return it. So Stephen got on his phone and did some searching.

We thought that maybe it was a bad fuse. The car was running fine so it seemed to be electrical. We all crossed our fingers that it would be back to normal the next morning when we woke up.

Cars don't work that way.

As we headed out of town Sunday night, we told our friends to keep their cell phone on. We knew they'd be heading back to Houston shortly after us, so we'd call them if we had trouble. We stopped to check the level of coolant one more time just in case. It was empty. Stephen bought some and refilled it, thinking this would help. It didn't.

We headed on down the road, discussing how we'd drop the car off at the mechanic when we got into town and I'd borrow my mom's car until ours was fixed. Then we exited to get gas and the car quit moving. Well it moved, just not very quickly. It wouldn't accelerate, it just coasted. We

(Stephen) popped the hood again, the coolant was  empty again. Not good.

We assumed that there was a leak in the coolant that had ruined some of the electrical fuses. We called our friends, thinking that this wasn't a good thing, and headed up a few exits to meet them. They agreed to follow us into Houston. As we were pulling out of the Dairy Queen parking lot, everything went wrong. All the dash lights came on, the car quit driving, the brakes went out, the power steering went out, the car was basically a gigantic hunk of useless metal.

Someone slowed their car and asked if we needed help. I asked if they were a mechanic. They weren't. Then a man ran out of Dairy Queen to as if we needed help. I asked if he was a mechanic. He wasn't. Then it dawned on me that they were asking because they were nice small-town people, not because they honestly thought they could pop the hood and fix our car. The Dairy Queen man helped Stephen and our other friend push the car into a gas station parking lot.

Then I cried.

Just kidding.

I wanted to though. I hate car problems.

We spent the next hour and a half Googling mechanics in Weimar, Texas, speaking to our insurance company's roadside assistance, moving our luggage into our friends' car, complaining about how much this sucked, trying to coordinate the tow truck to get to the only mechanic within a 30 mile radius, and worrying about what was wrong.

Our friends were amazing. It was about 10:30 when we got back on the road, four people and a chocolate lab in an Altima. We decided it was too late and we were overstaying our welcome in their car, so we left Stephen's car, our child, and our dog at his parents' house and headed to our side of town instead. My parents are at the beach and their cars were left in their driveways, so we stole them.

It was well after midnight when we got home on Sunday night. We were exhausted and mildly stressed, choosing not to think about the fact that we are going to have to drive back to Weimar sometime this week to pick up our car.

The mechanic called yesterday and said that when they lifted the car, they immediately saw that we were missing a belt. SAY WHAT? The lack of belt caused all of the other issues. They are having a new belt brought in from Houston and they'll fix it today. Assuming the best, everything will be a-okay after that. We are hopeful that no damage was caused while we were driving without the belt.

So that is my long, boring story about our Sunday evening. We are tired. We are hoping that our bill will be low and our car will be fixed. We are optimistic that this isn't the beginning of a downward spiral that our car goes through. It is only a 2007, it is far too young to have weird problems.

Car drama is the worst. Followed by blog drama. So one of both of these need to get fixed ASAP, before I decide that I'm throwing in the towel and becoming Amish.


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3 Responses to All Sorts of Weirdness

  1. Southern Gal August 7, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    I couldn’t get your post to come up at all yesterday much less comment. It gave me an error code.

    A missing belt will cause all that? I guess they are included in the engine for a reason. I pray that’s all it is and you’ll be up and running again.

    Our vehicles are ’96, ’98, ’98 and ’01. We’re holding our collective breath and praying over them all.

  2. Molly August 7, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Ugh. What a crappy way to end an otherwise lovely trip (even if you didn’t sneak away to float the river with your besties. ha!).

    Glad that they figured out the problem. Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that the bill is low and that the new belt brings that beautiful vehicle of yours back to life.

  3. Rachel August 7, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

    Ugh. I hate when something like that happens after a great weekend! And yea for wonderful, friendly, small town people.