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Bacon and Beer | Roots and Rings

Bacon and Beer

There are certain people in your life who are a different sort of special. The kind you’d do anything for. Our friend James is one of those guys. He was Stephen’s best man, Stephen was his best man, and he is Jansen’s godfather. He’s good people.

James turned 30 this weekend. Well, actually James turns 30 on Thursday, but we celebrated this weekend.

His fantastic wife threw him an awesome surprise party on Saturday night at their home in Austin. It was Bacon and Beer themed. Yep. Two of James’ favorite things.

Months ago, I shared a link to a write up about their wedding. It was all DIY and it was fantastic. Seriously the most unique and personal wedding I have ever been to. You can click here to see the SMP article about it. The party was just as cute. And what’s great is that I know it would have been this great even if Pinterest didn’t exist. Amberle was creative before Pinterest taught us how to theme our straws.

She had this great food table set up (fancy people call that “a spread”) with a chalkboard menu. There were tubs of beer, white tablecloths with burlap accents, and twine. Twine makes everything better.

She made all of the guests Bourbon Bacon Jam (yeah, I know) and along the wall were these adorable pig cookie cutters hanging by miniature clothes pins. Each cutter had a tag on it with a guest’s name and a thank you note written on the back. I KNOW. SO GREAT!

There was a bacon and beer trivia game. The winner won a pig trophy. There was also a beer tasting contest. Everyone was welcome to bring a 6 pack of their favorite beer. Our hostess put a bottle of each beer into a lunch-sized paper bag and numbered them. You were to pour a taste and then rate the beer. The person who brought the beer with the most votes, won a beer stein. Stephen won. Heck yeah.

Anyways, I need to snag some pictures from her because you really need to see it. Jansen’s birthday party is next weekend. In my head it is going to be super cute, but now I’m feeling all sorts of pressure. Will everything match? Will my burlap pennants be as cute as her’s? Will I even have time to make burlap pennants? Burlap seems to match my color scheme in my head but is that right? Will the icing on my cupcakes be as flawless as her icing? And will the blue icing be the right shade? WILL ANYONE PIN MY PICTURES???

Wish me luck. I’ll show you pictures but you have to promise to tell me that it is adorable. If

we can all agree on that, I’ll take plenty of pictures and try not to compare myself to Amberle’s awesome party planning skills.

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  1. Southern Gal August 27, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    Jansen’s party will be great! After last year, we know you have it in you.

    I have my parents’ 50th anniversary on the 14th and Jacob’s 21st birthday on the 13th that are barely planned. I’m in a panic right about now….

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