Harry Potter 4

I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this weekend. It was LONG.

Here are my thoughts:

1. I felt like the beginning dragged on forever. The whole Quiddich World Cup (travel, camp, game, etc.) was LONG and it didn’t really matter that much. Am I way off? I couldn’t get into it so I kept putting the book down.

2. Once I got through that, I did well.

3. I knew the cup was going to pick Cedric and Harry. I felt like that was obvious what Dumbledore was explaining what the Goblet of Fire was.

4. I like that this book was different. It wasn’t an awful problem the school was dealing with and Harry solves. It was completely different and I feel like JK Rowling was able to show what a great storyteller she is.

5. I HATE when you really like a character and then you have to hate them, or really hate a character and then have to love them. I had so many mixed feelings about Moody and I’m not sure where I stand on him right now.

6. I hate Wormtail. HATE.

7. I think Portkeys were a great addition to the wizarding world. I wish we had so many options for quick travel.

8. Hermione kind of annoyed me during parts of this one. The whole House Elf thing was annoying. I assume this is going to be resolved and important at some point in the future, but right now I’m just annoyed with it.

9. How is it that these students can fit so much in their pockets? Those things are huge! And how can Harry fit a wand in his jeans pocket? And what is it about them putting “cakes” in their pockets? And Harry putting cakes in the floorboard at his house? Do these things not spoil or get filthy? It’s all so very weird to me.

10. The second task gave me anxiety. I’m dumb like Harry and took the clue seriously. I mean, I didn’t think anyone would dies, but I thought there would be severe consequences. So the whole scene made me uncomfortable. I kept trying to hold my breath or help Harry swim.

11. I like that she has introduced crushes into their lives. It makes it more realistic… you know, since that’s what we’re concerned about when reading about wizards. But really, can you imagine the amount of crushes that would be going on?? All these tweens and teens living together? And then the jealousy that someone else gets to hang out in the same common room with your crush? It’s shocking that there aren’t more duels!

12. I figured LV would be back this book, it seemed like it was about time. The end of the book was crazy. It made me very sad that he killed Cedric. I liked him. The whole Death Eaters things was really weird and they really freak me out. I so so so hate all of the Malfoys. If they don’t die by the end of this series, I’m writing my own ending.

13. I really want to try Butterbeer. And I WILL when we go to Florida later this year!

14. So we’ve now been introduced to several wizard products that have yet to be used. The danger spinning thing that Ron gave him last book, the tool that unties knots and cuts things (thought this would make an appearance during the LV scene), etc. I have to believe they’ll be used later in the series.

15. I went ahead and started Order of the Phoenix so I wouldn’t lose my momentum. These last few books are super long too. If I put the books down, I have a hard time picking them back up. PRESS ON!

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3 Responses to Harry Potter 4

  1. Melissa June 7, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    There are a few things you wrote about here that I don’t remember! I’m excited to get to this book. I do vaguely remember feeling like the whole beginning was reaaallyyyy long, but I feel like a big reason for that was that there is always so much talk about Quidditch in her books, maybe she wanted to give readers a real taste of what she imagined the Quidditch cup to be like?! They all start getting much more detailed from here on out so be prepared.. Enjoy! Yay HP… Also, so jealous you’re going to FL. I wanna go back. The butterbeer is like heaven.

  2. Laura June 12, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    I’m glad you’re still reading! We are currently re-watching through all the movies, so I’m back in Harry Potter world for a bit.

    I think it’s okay to still like Madeye Moody since it wasn’t actually him that was evil. He was kidnapped and it was that other guy pretending to be Moody that was evil!

    About the cakes, over here, “cakes” aren’t always like American cakes with fluffy batter and soft icing (and sized to feed several people). There are a lot of things that they call cakes that are more personal-sized with a thicker, harder icing around them. They still probably wouldn’t last VERY long, but probably a little longer than their American equivalents. And, who knows, maybe they’ve been spelled to stay fresh and clean longer? :)

    Also, I’m SUPER jealous of your trip to Florida. I hope it’s great!

  3. Laurie June 18, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    If you hate Wormtail, just wait until you meet Dolores Umbridge. HAHAHAHA!

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