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I basically worked all day and partied all night. I was always on the go and always had real high self esteem.

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Magic Kingdom | Roots and Rings

Magic Kingdom

Let me begin this post by saying that when I woke up that Thursday morning, my throat was in serious pain. It was all along my left side where my tonsil used to be. Keep that in mind when you read this.

Unfortunately there was construction going o

n while we were there. It didn’t effect too much but there was a giant crane by the castle that ruined our beautiful view.

We treated this day like all the others. Had breakfast at our hotel, drove to Downtown Disney to park for free, caught the bus to Port Orleans, then transferred to Magic Kingdom. Again, it took a while but it was free and we weren’t in a hurry.

The thing about MK is that it is the most kid-centered park. It is also the most crowded with the longest lines. If you aren’t going with kids, use that to your advantage. Avoid the kid stuff in the morning. Go grab FastPasses for some of the kid rides that you know you’ll want to ride, and then head off to do some of the stuff the kiddos won’t do or don’t have lines. Around 3 or 4:00, the park clears out a bit due to grumpy or napping kids, so the lines are shorter. By 7:00, we had almost no lines for anything.

There is a TON to do at this park. We didn’t come close to doing it all but we still had a fantastic time.

-Space Mountain – We went here first. Our intention was to get a FastPass and come back later to ride it. After we got our FastPass, we saw that the line was only 10 minutes so we went ahead and rode it. Oh my. This ride is not for grown ups. It is tiny and jerky and bumpy. I got out of it feeling like I was in a car accident. Not kidding, the second we got out of the ride, we threw away our FastPasses. If (when) I go back in the future, I will not be riding it again. (FUTURE CHELSEA, when you read this as you are preparing for your next Disney trip, remember this!! NO SPACE MOUNTAIN!)

-Mickey’s PhilHar Magic – This is a 3D show. We were given some FastPasses by a cast member for this show while we were eating lunch. I don’t think we actually needed them, but this was their way of making us feel special so we’d go. We went. I’m SO glad we did. It was super cute and they played tons of classic Disney songs. You should go to this. This is one of those ones to do while there are billions of kids swarming… though it is located in Fantasyland so you’ll have to fight the strollers to get there.

-Buzz Lightyear – Another shooting game. Much like the other Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios, only far less cool. It was still fun… if you’re into shooting games. Which I’m not. But Stephen is. Since he loved it and rocked it, I had fun.

-It’s a Small World – You have to. You just do.

-The Hall of Presidents – There is a show and then some animitronic presidents. I mostly slept through this. I wasn’t feeling well AT ALL at this point. I warned Stephen ahead of time that if we went in that theater, I’d probably sleep. He didn’t seem to mind. So I really have no clue if you should go to this or not.

-Liberty Square Riverboat – Again, a thing to do while all the sugar-filled children are swarming. This is just a big riverboat that goes around the river. I think it takes about 15 minutes. It’s a nice ride with a great view. Boring for the kids, but a good time for us grown ups!

-Peter Pan – We had a FastPass for this ride. Don’t do it without one unless you have kids. We enjoyed it alright, but I would have been sad if I wasted a lot of time in line.

-Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor – Fantastic! Seriously! I don’t want to tell you too much about it but it is a show that is highly entertaining and so darn funny!!

-Pirates of the Caribbean – Another one you have to do. Yo-ho!

-Tom Sawyer Island – This was the highlight of Stephen’s day. Again, I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t get as much out of it. Plus, I’m a girl. This island is full of caves and secret passages. I don’t see well in the dark so these things made me feel pretty uneasy. The best part of that island was when a little boy was shooting one of the fake guns up in the house. He was aiming at the riders on the Thunder Mountain and he said to me, “I got him! He just put his arms up and I let him have it!!!”

-Carousel of Progress – Another show. I enjoyed it. I’ve seen it three times and I’ll still do it again. It’s not the coolest thing ever but it’s entertaining.

-Jungle Cruise – I remember liking this in the past but I didn’t like it this time. Our “guide” was beyond cheesy, spoke way too fast, and kind of awkward.

-Thunder Mountain – I love this ride!! It isn’t high thrills like the rides at other parks, but it is fast and fun! We did it twice. Once with a FastPass and then once at like 8:00 at night when there was almost no line and people were starting to find spots for the fireworks show.

-Splash Mountain – We did this after 8:00 during the Electrical Parade. It was fun and we shared a boat with two nice women. We ended up riding it twice in a row since there was no line! you get a little wet but not too much.

-Fireworks – There is a lovely fireworks show at night. The best spot is in front of Cinderella’s castle but we hung out on the bridge in Frontierland instead. We didn’t have the best view but we could still see everything. It was raining cats and dogs by the end of it, my throat was POUNDING, but I’m still glad we stayed to watch it.

We had lunch in Fantasyland at some yummy counter service place by Peter Pan that had flatbread pizzas. I had the caprese pizza and it was really freaking good!! Stephen had the BBQ chicken flatbread pizza and he really enjoyed his too.

We had dinner at Pecos Bill’s in Frontierland. I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and Stephen had a cheeseburger. Also very good! They had a great condiments bar with sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, pickles, etc.

We also had Mickey Mouse ice creams while we watched the parade.

This was the end of our vacation. We had another ticket to use at a Disney park the following day but we had to spend the day at the clinic and in our hotel because my throat went from bad to worse. I have never felt that kind of pain (aside from my tonsillectomy)… seriously, I’d rather go through labor. I’m not being dramatic, trust me. There was an explosion of

sorts… with lots of blood and pus involved. And then with most explosions, a large hole remained. That was my throat. So we didn’t go to Animal Kingdom. Instead we slept, read, watched movies, and played with Sirius’ wand.

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