Ten on Tuesday (128)

It’s Tuesday again! Time for a random batch of questions! I made these up because you are all LAZY and won’t send them to me!

1. What is your favorite Pixar movie? Have you seen all of them?
Finding Nemo is definitely my favorite. It’s cute, colorful, and funny. Jansen loves it! He doesn’t care a whole lot about most television. He likes to watch bits and pieces but he never just sits there and stares. Not the case with Nemo. He will watch the ENTIRE movie! I have not seen all of the movies. In fact, I just saw Cars for the first time on Sunday!

2. Do you enjoy soccer?
No. I don’t. I think soccer is boring. That’s unfortunate since Houston has a soccer team and they are apparently pretty darn good. I’ll learn to enjoy it if Jansen plays, but I’ll never just randomly watch a game.

3. Are you musical?
Not even a little bit. Stephen is REALLY musical though, so at least there is hope for our children.

4. How many push-ups can you do?
I have no idea! Maybe like .4.

5. Did you have braces when you were younger?
Yes, but not for very long. I still have an overbite but I don’t really care.I don’t have perfect teeth but they are good enough.

6. Summer or winter? Coffee or tea? Wedges or flats?
Coffee! Hot tea tastes like potpourri. I LOVE sweet tea though.
Flats. I’m 6′ and I have a herniated disc. I live in flats. (Which is one reason I love Toms so much.)

7. Do you buy new or used cars?
Used. Maybe one day we’ll buy a new car but buying used doesn’t bother me. It’s much cheaper and I hate spending money!

8. Are you afraid of needles?
Not really. I mean, I don’t play with them or anything and I don’t love shots, but they don’t really bother me. I can’t look at the needle when I’m giving blood or getting an IV.

9. Do you get cranky when you’re tired or hungry?
Yes and yes, but not too terrible. Stephen gets crankier. I get cranky when I’m stressed or overwhelmed and he handles that alright.

10. Write your newest favorite recipe.
I’m just going to link to a recipe. It’s not very new, I’ve made it for several months, but it is FANTASTIC! Slow cooker carnitas. I make them in the crock pot (obviously) and then serve them on corn tortillas with lime juice, feta, and chopped tomatoes. SO SO YUM.


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7 Responses to Ten on Tuesday (128)

  1. Autumn May 22, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    You have to let Jansen watch Toy Story!

  2. Brittany May 22, 2012 at 3:13 pm #

    Fun questions!

  3. Lauren May 22, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    I absolutely cannot wait to make this recipe.

  4. Baylee May 22, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    Cool link up! Brought me out of my blogging funk today.

  5. Southern Gal May 22, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    Good questions this week!

    1. Finding Nemo (We watched it two nights ago per the request of a 10 year old. Love it.) We have seen all the Pixar movies and love each for different reasons. Toy Story will always hold a special place in my heart. We took Rebekah and Jacob to see Toy Story 2 when Jacob was 8. Then we took Jacob and Ethan to Toy Story 3 when Jacob was 18 and Ethan was 8. Donnie and I both were crying at the end because here we were with the boy who had grown up just like the boy in the movie. My heart hurts now.

    2. Only because my boys love to play.

    3. Not much. Very little guitar and that’s about it.

    4. When I’m good and doing The Firm I can do 10 or more. Now? About 4 or 5.

    5. Yes, when I was 11 and got them off when I was 12. I also wore the whole headgear bit.

    6. Summer -beach!
    Depends on what I’m wearing. I like a little bit of heel that won’t make me 6’4″ tall.

    7. Used to be new all the time. Now we’ve come to our senses and haven’t bought a new car since 1995, I think.

    8. Needles don’t bother me.

    9. I’m cranky when I get stressed, pressed for time mainly.

    10. It’s not new, but I’m making it today so I’ll share.
    It takes a lot of time and planning, but so worth it.

  6. Lesley May 23, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    1. What is your favorite Pixar movie? Have you seen all of them?
    Toy Story is one of my all time favorite movies. so I guess that would make it my favorite Pixar movie. I know I have not seen all of them. In fact Toy Story 1 & 2 may be the only ones I have seen. Toy Story is one of my all time favorite movies. I am not a big movie person but I suspect as the little one gets older I will be seeing more of these.
    2. Do you enjoy soccer?
    Yes. I used to play soccer and really enjoyed it. Since I know the rules, I will watch big games (world cup/Olympics) on TV but only if I happen upon it which is highly unlikely and if it is near the end of the game. I do hope to sign the little one up when he is a little older. I have a friend who has satellite TV to watch games from Italy. Now that I don’t get.
    3. Are you musical?
    Nope. I took piano lessons when I was a youngster and hated my teacher b/c she only let me play baby songs not cool rock songs. Then in middle school I took the flute which was ok but too feminine. I also took drums over the summer once but didn’t like the little practice pads you had to play on. It comes down to I want immediate results and don’t like practicing. Although in my older age I kind of wish I kept up with piano and kind of wish I had the opportunity to take the violin or fiddle.
    4. How many push-ups can you do?
    Not sure and I don’t want to try to figure it out but I know it won’t be much, maybe 2 or 5 if there was some money on the table.
    5. Did you have braces when you were younger?
    Yes. Twice! I had them twice and my bottom teeth are crooked again!
    6. Summer or winter? Coffee or tea? Wedges or flats?
    Both coffee and tea. I love coffee in the morning and with desserts. I drink tea in the winter a lot to keep me warm because I am always cold.
    Wedges I love but I usually trip in them. I am most comfortable in flats but since I am so short 5’2″ I like to where something with a heel but it usually is a big clunky heel so I don’t trip.
    7. Do you buy new or used cars?
    Both. I always said I would never buy another new car because the depreciation value on a new car deteriorates so quickly. But my last car was new b/c we took advantage of the cash for clunkers program when Chrysler matched the C4C money back. We got $8k off a brand new car!
    8. Are you afraid of needles?
    Not afraid but I don’t like them. I can’t watch when they stick it in me.
    9. Do you get cranky when you’re tired or hungry?
    I don’t think so but maybe I should ask the husband.
    10. Write your newest favorite recipe.
    Found this 2 weeks ago and have already made it twice. So good serve it over rice.

  7. Laurie May 23, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    Late to the party, but thought I would still participate!
    Chelsea – I swear that I am going to come up with questions for you this week!!!

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