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The Friday List Thing | Roots and Rings

The Friday List Thing

I slammed my finger in the door last weekend. Who does that? I honestly thought that was something that only little kids did because they weren’t playing attention. But I did it. My sister was coming home from a wedding and I went outside so the dogs wouldn’t bark. I was trying to close the door behind me but didn’t want it to slam. Apparently I left my finger in there too long. I wanted to scream. THE PAIN! THE AGONY. I got a cut and a blood blister, but I really wanted it to swell up to the size of a cucumber so everyone could SEE how much pain I was in.

Guess where I am right this minute? Guess! Really. Lafayette! I can tell you that because my house isn’t unattended. Why? BECAUSE I CAME ALONE! Just me, meeting up with my girls Lauren and Molly.

We are two weeks into preschool. Really we are only 4 days into it since he only goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it is technically two weeks. He’s still very shy, clinging to his teacher. He is very serious and doesn’t seem to want to play with the other kids much. But he’s doing well. He doesn’t cry

when I tell him that we are going to school. (He cries when I drop him off though.) He’ll get the hang out of. I know it is only a matter of time.

I’m writing this on Wednesday night since I knew I’d be driving to Louisiana on Thursday evening. So I have no update on how Wednesday night went. BUT Tuesday night was INSANE. Jansen woke up at 3:15 screaming. I’m a believer in cry-it-out, but this wasn’t one of those cries that you can ignore. I went to his room to give him his binkie and make sure he was okay. He started screaming, “Mommy please!” so I picked him up and we rocked. He immediately passed out in my arms. The second I laid him back in his crib, he started crying hysterically and screaming, “Mommy no!”

I knew I couldn’t just keep rocking. I needed sleep. So I brought him back to our bed. I’ve done this a few times in the past and once he falls asleep hard enough, I have no problems putting him in his crib. Not that night. I tried and he started screaming. I tried again. At this point it was about 4:30 and I was tired. I decided he’d sleep the rest of the night in our bed and I’d figure out how I was going to handle the pre-work routine in the morning. But the thing is that when he’s in our bed, I don’t sleep. I ended up falling asleep for about 30 minutes or so, but that wasn’t until about 6:00. So on Wednesday I had a grande Pumpkin Spice Latte with an extra shot of espresso. Then when that was gone, I filled it back up with coffee. I have no idea how I was functioning.

Anyways. I think Jansen is having a separation anxiety sort of situation going on. He kept snuggling up to me. He’d scream “mommy no!” when my arm wasn’t on him and if he rolled over, he’d fuss and scoot back when he realized he wasn’t half on me. I think he’s having an issue with preschool. I know that’s normal. I remember when my friend Molly went through it with her son. But it sucks!

On that note. I’m not looking forward to dropping him off tomorrow (Thursday… because I am writing this on Wednesday, remember?) morning. He’s now to the point where he knows I’m leaving him. I can’t sneak out while he is playing. He clings to me and starts crying at the anticipation of me leaving. He doesn’t cry for long, but I still hate it. I CAN’T WAIT until he loves school.

Anyways. Have a good weekend! I definitely will!


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  1. Molly September 7, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

    Ugh yes. I remember that. That was the time when Jack started jumping out of his crib every night because he was so afraid to be alone. Just know it gets better and the Jansenator will sleep well again soon…and so will you!


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